Prof. Ayşe K. Üskül participates in APS Open Access discussion.

Discussing her perceptions of open access and how the OA system might change the future world of research, Prof. Üskül said: ‘I […] personally cannot really think of anything negative that can comes with open access […]. Specifically, for psychology, I think open access will mean increasing [the] diversity of our field by connecting researchers in different parts of the world who will have increasing access to scientific knowledge. And that’s really crucial.’

The HONORLOGIC PrincipaI Investigator was taking part in the APS President’s recent Virtual Roundtable in which experts on scholarly publishing discussed the challenges and opportunities of this emerging model of journal publishing.

The online discussion was convened ‘to expand understanding of open access and how it applies to APS members’. For more on this topic, please read the APS article on Open Access and listen to the Roundtable podcast.