The HONORLOGIC team is pleased to launch a new webinar series which brings together researchers interested in the role of honour in social interactional processes.

Delivered via Microsoft Teams and open to all, the webinars will be delivered by researchers who are experts in their fields. Sessions will cover a diverse range of honour-related topics and we welcome ideas and suggestions for relevant subject matter.

Prof. Ayşe K. Üskül, the HONORLOGIC PI, said:

“One of the objectives of this project is to catalyse debate about cultural variation and the role of honour in social interactional processes. Our regular webinars are designed to achieve this by encouraging contributions from a variety of related fields and we welcome your enthusiastic participation in these sessions.”

HONORLOGIC webinars will be held on Thursdays from 15:00-16:30 GMT* on the dates below.

Please book your place at the webinar(s) of your choice by clicking on the relevant date to register.

14 October 2021: Professor Dov Cohen, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA
‘Honor: Contrasts and Continuity’

18 November 2021: Professor Ryan Brown, Rice University, USA
‘Bound by Honor: The Pursuit and Power of a Cultural Ideal’

9 December 2021: Professor Anna Korteweg, University of Toronto, Canada
‘State Responsibility and the Politics of Culture: Addressing Honor-Based Violence in the Netherlands and Germany’

13 January 2022: Professor Susan Cross, Iowa State University, USA
‘The Pursuit of Honor: Themes and Variations’

10 February 2022: Professor Karla Hoff, Columbia University, USA
‘Cultural Impediments to Learning to Cooperate: An Experimental Study of High- and Low-Caste Men in Rural India’

10 March 2022: Professor Tamler Sommers, University of Houston, USA
‘Honor and Restorative Justice’

We look forward to a lively discussion!

* (UK time zone – please check your local time, e.g, on this time zone converter).

We’d like to thank the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology for their support with this webinar series.