Manuael Teresi - Research Assistant

Manuel Teresi

Research Assistant

University of Chieti-Pescara

Manuel Teresi has an MA in Psychology from the University of Chieti-Pescara and his thesis investigated the effects of schadenfreude on interpersonal perception.

He is currently undertaking a PhD in Business and Behavioural Science at the University of Chieti-Pescara, under the supervision of Prof. Stefano Pagliaro and is also a member of the GPM-Lab (Group Processes and Morality Lab).

Manuel’s main research activity is articulated around the topic of ethical climate.

Through studies conducted both in the laboratory and in real organizational contexts, the goal of this research is to demonstrate the effectiveness of a collectivist and interdependent (versus an individualistic and independent) ethical climate in determining the attitudes and behaviours of employees.

This research activity is characterized to a large extent by two theoretical aspects: the endorsement of the social psychology approach as a theoretical lens, and the consideration of the social regulatory functions of morality.