Welcoming Dr. Mete Sefa Uysal to the team

HONORLOGIC is pleased to announce that Dr. Mete Sefa Uysal of Friedrich Schiller University Jena will be joining our project team as of September 1st 2022. Having received a highly competitive Newton International Fellowship from the British Academy, Dr. Uysal will begin a 2-year project titled ‘Understanding the Legitimacy of Intergroup Violence using a Culturally Contextualized Lens: The Role of Honour Values in Intergroup Relations.’

Dr. Mete Sefa Uysal, Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Ayse Uskul

‘Dr Uysal will join our research group bringing expertise on intergroup relations from a cultural point of view. We look forward to collaborating with him on the relevance of honour in intergroup violence, an understudied construct in this subfield of social psychology. We also look forward to connecting with his current research group at the Department of Social Psychology, Friedrich Schiller University Jena led by Prof Thomas Kessler.’ 

Professor Ayse Uskul, Project Principal Investigator

You can find Dr. Uysal on Twitter at @metesefauysal or at the Friedrich Schiller University here.